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How we do it!

Saltskis are made in perfect cooperation between man and machine. While the machines excel at drawing large radiuses and accurately recreating dimensional differences too small for the human eye to discern, we humans however are awesome at dealing with the variations that working with natural materials throws at us.

Step 1 - Idea - Design

It all starts with an idea about a shape, feeling or a specific usage scenario. I select materials and adjust flex and shape to achieve response and character inline with the idea. Throughout the entire process I keep in mind a specific kind of skier that each design is tailored to.

Step 2 - Core

The core is the soul of the ski! This is where most of the character of the ski comes from.  I start each pair of skis by matching core materials with the desired weight, flex and damping characteristics. The ski outline is then cut in a computer controlled process to ensure accurate sidecut.

Step 3 - Sidewalls & Endspacers

After cutting the ski outline,the sidewall is attached and trimmed by hand. A small recess is cut to accommodate the steel edge and end-spacers are fitted and glued in place by hand. While the main purpose of sidewall and end-spacers is protecting the core they also attribute to damping and transfer of power between the upper layers and edges. I mainly use bamboo sidewalls for its balanced stiffness/damping characteristics.