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#42 No more mr. Nice Guy

8.000 kr

Big and stiff! He will make your legs ache and bruise your ego!!
Designed for aggressive skiers weighing in at around 80kg.

All gone

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No more mr. Nice Guy

No more mr. Nice Guy is not made to be light and playful. This is a ski to ride hard, without compromise. Stiff from tip to tail to take on anything and react without surprise. Will not be put off by big drops or high speed charging. But dont expect him to hop around with glee, he is all serious!

Poplar/bamboo core with carbon for torsional stiffness.

Weight: 1 six-pack

There will be no more mr. ice Guys onSeptember 15, 2017
No more mr. Nice Guys just dropped

190 cm


26/27 m


112 mm


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